Understanding Painting Rules

Understanding Painting Rules

Frustrated with a Discolored Fence? 3 Tips for Hiring an Exterior Painter

Constance Cunningham

If you have noticed that the fencing on your property is in poor shape due to the color being faded, it's a good idea to explore your options for painting it. You may not have considered the difference that painting the fence can make, but it can make a big impact in how new the fencing looks and the curb appeal of your home.

If you want to hire a professional painter for the task of refreshing the fencing around your property, consider the following tips that can make scheduling their services much easier for you and get you better results as well.

Choose a Painter Experienced with Your Fencing Material

The painting method needed for the fencing you have can vary considerably. Since painting methods can vary depending on if you have wood fencing or another material, such as vinyl, you'll want to make sure that the painting services have experience working with the kind of fencing you have.

Make Sure the Paint Color Is Allowed Through Your HOA

Depending on your neighborhood, you may be in a neighborhood that has a homeowner's association. Being included in a HOA means that you'll need to abide by the rules that they have in place. In order for the painting to look great, you need to make sure that it will also be allowed under the HOA rules.

It can be so upsetting to spend a lot of money on getting painting done, only to find that the paint color you like isn't allowed by the HOA. Following the rules will ensure that you don't have to repaint the fence due to breaking a rule or your house standing out in a bad way in the neighborhood.

Focus on Picking a Color That Complements the Exterior Color

Taking a good look at the exterior of your home can make a big impact in how the fencing looks and the kinds of results you get. It can be tempting to choose the color based on current trends, but you need to pay attention to the exterior color of your home since the right color will complement the exterior of your home and ensure that the results look great.

Being patient when choosing a color for the exterior of your home fencing can make all the difference in the results that you get and how happy you are in the years to come. If you're frustrated with the discoloration or wear for your fencing, the right paint can make a vast improvement and ensure that you get the great results you want.


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