Understanding Painting Rules

Understanding Painting Rules

Paint Glazing – A Unique Finish For Your Home

Constance Cunningham

If you're ready for a new look around the interior of your home, it's probably time to consider a paint job. If you like things that are a little different than the norm, glazing might be something that will please you.

What is glazing?

Glazing is a painting technique that utilizes paint glaze mixed with latex paint to create a unique, custom finish. A variety of tools can be used to create different finishes as the latex paint is manipulated.

Glaze allows the application of several coats of paint on the walls while maintaining the ability to see the original coat of paint. You choose a base color which is applied to the walls without any glaze and then choose other shades that are mixed with the glaze to create a textured, colorful look.

How much glaze is needed?

The first thing to remember as you go out shopping for the supplies you need is that you will be using much more glaze than you will paint. Purchase one gallon of glaze for every quart of paint. The only paint that will be applied to the wall without mixing it with glaze is the base coat.

You will also need some cheap containers with lids. You can use old food containers if you choose – your goal is to keep the small containers of the paints mixed with glaze viable as you work to finish the space. This is because the project can take several days to complete as you can continue working with it until you achieve just the right look.

How do you use the glaze?

Once the base coat has been applied and dried, you can begin working with the glaze.

You can use rags, rollers, brushes and/or sponges to apply the glaze mixtures to the walls. The type of tool that you use will determine the finished look. Get an old sheet of wood to test the different tools and mixtures before you begin working on the wall. Just make sure to take note of what tools and mixtures you are using so that you can recreate it on the wall later.

Mixing the glaze and paint can be a little tricky. Just remember that the more glaze you add, the less visible the color of paint will be – the more paint, the less translucent. Pour the glaze into a container and add a small amount of paint to it.

If you don't feel comfortable completing this type of painting technique, talk with a local painting contractor at companies like NORTHWEST PERFORMANCE PAINTING to learn more and to get some help getting the look that you're after.


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