Understanding Painting Rules

Understanding Painting Rules

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

Constance Cunningham

Painting the exterior of your home can bump up your curb appeal while also adding value to your home. But, painting is also an investment, so you are sure to want to get the best results for the money that you spend. If you're planning on painting the exterior of your home in the near future, avoid these common mistakes:

Neglecting to Hire a Licensed Painting Contractor

While you can technically paint the exterior of your home yourself, it is not recommended. Painting the exterior of a home tends to be more complicated than painting an interior wall, so it is really in your best interest to hire an experienced painting contractor. Always look for a licensed painting contractor who is bonded and insured in order to protect yourself financially.

Buying Low Quality Paint

Most people want to save money on home improvement projects, but when it comes to painting the exterior of your house it is not a good idea to cut costs by purchasing the cheapest and lowest quality paint available. The exterior paint on a home is under constant stress from the elements-- cheap, low quality paint is more likely to crack, peel, and fade faster than a high quality paint. So, you may think you're saving money by buying cheap paint, but in reality it will cost you more because you will have to incur the cost of re-painting your home again in just a few years.

Choosing a Bright or Loud Color

Paint comes in a variety of colors, including those that are very bright or loud. While you may enjoy these types of colors, think carefully before painting the exterior of your home a bright color, especially if the other homes on your street are painted more neutral or muted colors. Bold exterior paint colors can make your house an eyesore, and you may have some upset neighbors to contend with. In addition, you may have difficulty selling your home in the future if it is painted a bright color. If you enjoy bright and bold paint colors, use them on walls inside your home.

Choosing Not to Use Primer

Just like you shouldn't buy cheap paint, you also should not skip using primer when the exterior of your home is being painted. Primer may add some expenses to the overall bill, since you will need to purchase the primer and pay your painting contractor to apply it, but a layer of primer can make the top coat go on smoothly, have a better finish, and last longer.

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