Understanding Painting Rules

Understanding Painting Rules

4 Avoidable Issues With Epoxy Flooring

Constance Cunningham

Epoxy flooring is an awesome flooring option for virtually every space inside and even outside of your home. Garage and basement floors, kitchens, bathrooms and patios can all be finished with an epoxy floor. Unfortunately, there are a few issues that can come with epoxy flooring. Here, you will learn about potential issues and how to avoid having to deal with them.

Cloudy Finish after Curing

It is possible that the clear finish can become cloudy after it has cured. This is commonly caused by extreme moisture in the air or heating the epoxy in an attempt to make it cure more quickly.

To avoid the issue, only apply epoxy when temperatures are cool and humidity levels are low. Never attempt to expedite the curing process with heat sources.

Bubbles in Epoxy after Curing

Sometimes, bubbles can be seen in the epoxy finish once it has cured. A few bubbles here and there isn't out of the norm, but too many bubbles tells you that the epoxy has cured too quickly.

To avoid this issue, decrease the hardener temperature and cover the area with plastic. This will slow the curing process and give you some time to attempt to break the bubbles with a roller prior to the epoxy fully curing.

Yellowing after Curing

The sun can cause the epoxy to turn a yellowish color after some time. To protect the flooring from UV damage, apply a coat of UV protective clear coat. Outdoor urethane will do the trick nicely. It not only protects from the discoloration, but will also help to protect it from heat and moisture damage.

Dull Epoxy after Curing

If the epoxy finish isn't as shiny as you'd like, you can coat it with urethane or enamel. You'll only need about three think coats to bring the shine to the epoxy flooring. This can be reapplied every few years if it is needed.

Care for the Flooring

You will have to take care of the epoxy flooring which is an easy enough task as long as you are using the right tools for the job.

Use a flat, soft dust mop/broom instead of a bristle broom. The bristle broom can cause very minor scratches that will cause the shine to diminish over the years.

Use white vinegar and water instead of harsh cleaning chemicals to keep it clean. The vinegar will break-down any dirt, grease or grime that is built-up on the surface, but will not cause any damage to the finish.

 Talk with your epoxy flooring expert to learn more about epoxy flooring and how it could benefit your home.


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