Understanding Painting Rules

Understanding Painting Rules

Choosing Kitchen Paint And Why Hiring A Professional Painter Might Be Best

Constance Cunningham

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It's not only where you spend time preparing food, the kitchen is often the showpiece of your home, especially if you have an open floor plan. You'll want to keep the room fresh and clean with new paint occasionally. Here are a few tips for choosing kitchen paint and why letting a professional might be the best way to have the room painted.

Choosing The Right Paint

Picking the best color of paint can be challenging when you want a completely new look. Take into consideration the color of your countertops, appliances, and cabinets. You may want your cabinets painted too, but if you want them to stay the same, you'll want a color the complements them. Soft, warm colors or light pastels are great for kitchen walls. You can use bolder colors for trim to give the room visual interest.

However, you can choose any color scheme you like. Just keep in mind that the room may look washed out if you choose white wall paint and you have white cabinets and white countertops. A more lively color scheme could be a better choice. If you have a small kitchen, you may want to go with a lighter color, so the room seems larger.

Another consideration is the type of paint. Since your kitchen has occasional splashes and spills, you'll want paint that can be wiped down easily. The more glossy the paint, the easier it is to clean. However, when a paint is too glossy, it shoes imperfections on your walls, and the paint may be too shiny. A semi-gloss or satin paint would be a good choice.

Cleaning The Walls Thoroughly

One of the hardest parts of painting a kitchen is prepping the walls first. The wall around your stove may have grease buildup, and the wall behind your refrigerator may have grime. The walls must be cleaned before paint is applied or the paint may not stick as well, and the grime may bleed through. Hiring a professional to paint your kitchen is often the best choice just to make sure the walls are prepped properly before painting begins.

Applying The Paint With Care

Kitchens are tricky to paint because there are so many things in the way. You can pull your stove or refrigerator away from the wall, but you probably won't remove them from the room. Also, there are cabinets to consider. You don't want paint drips to fall on the cabinets or countertops that have to be removed later. Covering everything in the room is the best way to avoid accidents. Then, the paint is applied with care to keep splashes and drips to a minimum. Much of the work can be done with rollers, especially the ceiling, but kitchens often require a lot of brush work too due to limited space. This is another reason a professional touch might be desired. You don't want streak marks left behind on the walls or ceiling.

A fresh coat of paint can transform your kitchen, especially when you change the color scheme. It's an inexpensive way to renovate your kitchen and give it more modern colors and style. When you hire a professional painter to do the job, you can be sure to get the best results. For more information, contact a company like J&N Refinishing LLC.


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