Understanding Painting Rules

Understanding Painting Rules

Three Ombre Wall Variations To Consider

Constance Cunningham

If you've seen images of a painted ombre wall and you're keen on hiring a residential painting professional to create one of these walls in your home, it's fun to browse online photo galleries as a source of inspiration. One thing that you'll notice about this design is that in most cases, the colors vary from dark to light as you move farther up the wall. This type of ombre wall can be a good fit in your home, but you may want to choose a slight variation to give the wall even more of a unique look. Here are three ombre wall variations that might appeal to you.

Dark On Top

Having your ombre wall feature dark colors on top and light colors as you move farther down the wall toward the floor will give the painted area a completely different look. While a lot of people favor lighter hues overhead, you might find that a dark, bold color on the wall's upper third and a lighter color on the wall's bottom third strike you as being more stylish. There are all sorts of color combinations that can work well for this idea, so share some images of the room with your painter to get their insight.


Instead of having the color change vertically on your ombre wall, consider having it change horizontally. In other words, you can have a light color on the left side of a wall, a dark color on the right side of the wall, and a blend of these hues in the space between. A horizontal ombre wall design can work well in any area where the wall is long and you want to make it a focal point. You might choose this look in a large living room, or it may be fun to consider along a hallway.

Dividing Lines

In most ombre walls, the change from one color to another is soft and gradual. If you're looking for a different look, you might have your painter paint a series of horizontal lines up the wall to separate each change in color. The lines could be white, black, or a different color — provided that they complement the variety of colors that you want to appear in the ombre wall. The lines can also be any thickness; your painter will likely have some suggestions for you about what might work well.

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