Understanding Painting Rules

Understanding Painting Rules

  • 5 Reasons To Use An Epoxy Coating On Your Concrete Basement Floor

    Whether your basement is unfinished, partially finished, or completely finished, covering up the bare concrete should be a priority. Epoxy floor coatings are an excellent option that works well on concrete basement floors. 1. Waterproof Protection Concrete is porous, so some moisture retention and minor moisture seep are normal. Unfortunately, even normal occurrences of moisture can damage some types of flooring, such as wood and carpeting. It can also inhibit the proper adhesion of tiles and linoleum floors.

  • When You Need To Repaint Your Exterior Surfaces

    If you want to improve your home's curb appeal and longevity, repainting the exterior surfaces may be a good idea. Repainting your home's exterior surfaces will not only make it look better but can help protect the siding from sun and weather damage. This article explores times when you should consider repainting and what steps you can take to ensure your surfaces look great. Weather Damage  Over time, sun and rain can take a toll on exterior surfaces.

  • Three Ombre Wall Variations To Consider

    If you've seen images of a painted ombre wall and you're keen on hiring a residential painting professional to create one of these walls in your home, it's fun to browse online photo galleries as a source of inspiration. One thing that you'll notice about this design is that in most cases, the colors vary from dark to light as you move farther up the wall. This type of ombre wall can be a good fit in your home, but you may want to choose a slight variation to give the wall even more of a unique look.

  • 3 Things To Know About Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

    If you want to transform your kitchen, making changes to your cabinets is an excellent place to start. In most kitchens, cabinetry takes up a lot of space. If you aren't happy with how your cabinets look, you won't be satisfied with your kitchen's overall appearance. The problem is cabinets are expensive. So before you tear out your cabinets and put new ones in, here's an alternative to consider. Here are three things to know about kitchen cabinet refinishing.

  • 3 Ways to Finance Your Kitchen Remodel

    An updated kitchen can significantly add to the value of your home. Unfortunately, few homeowners have the cash reserves needed to pay for a complete kitchen remodel in full. Instead, homeowners will often choose to finance these projects using unique financial products. Learn about the most popular ways to finance a kitchen remodel so that you will be able to determine which option will best meet your financial needs over time.

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